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You awake in a clan camp.You don't recall if you have been here before.You begin to get scarred at the thought of being here when an orange she-cat with light red stipes comes towards you.She asks you who you are you can answer or run away but the outcome will be the same.You will be in the world of eclipse clan.

Your catEdit

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Join the Clan:Edit

Name: Phantom

Rank: rogue

Past: unknown

Pelt: as black as night, with stormy silver-grey eyes

Personality: cold, calculating, willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goal.

Family: unknown

Speciality: Fighting / strategy

Extras He can manipulate shadows, and can hear any conversation that is being said it there is a shadow nearby, as well as being able to control illnesses and diseases.

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Name: Bronzekit

Rank: Kit

Past: none

Pelt: Ginger colored she-cat

Personality: can be kind when others are kind to her

Family: Mother died when her and her sibilings were born, Father still alive.

Speciality: Fighting / Hunting / a Sharp tounge.

Extras: she's six moons old and ready to be an apprentice.

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Rank: Deputy or Warrior

Past: Clan-born, but he was born outside the camp, so the clan never knew his parents.

Pelt: Black pelt with white large spots.

Personality: Calm.

Family: Unknown.

Speciality: Hunting.

Extras: He can strike his tail like a claw.

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Name: Tigersilver

Rank: Warrior

Past: Tribe cat

Pelt: a pale white tabby she-cat with grey almost silver stripes

Personality: Ferice and Loyal

Family: Tribe cats 

Speciality: half Sharp and half Soft tounge / Hunting / Fighting / and protecting her clan

Extras: none

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