The ClearingEdit

The clearing is the center of the camp.It has the fresh-kill pile and an open play area for kits.Playfights are allowed out here.

The StreamEdit

The stream is a beautiful place in eclipse clan territory.There is plenty of water and clan members come here after hunting to refresh before going into the camp.It is close to the camp.

Bird tree'sEdit

Bird tree's is where birds make their nest in new-leaf.It is a great hunting ground but be warned sometimes eagles hunt there too.

Herb gardenEdit

The herb garden has all kinds of herbs.It is where Medicine cats gather herbs.It is fenced of by rocks.

Star stonesEdit

Star stones is where cat's can worship Starclan.Leaders go here to receive their lives.

Eclipse forestEdit

The forest on eclipse clan territory where they usually hunt.

training groundEdit

Where mentors train apprentices.