The nursery is hollowed out tree with a soft flore.It is where kits below 6 moons and queens nursing or expecting stay.Apprentices bring food and refresh the nests moss.Medicine cats visit every week to check on the kits.

apprentices denEdit

The apprentices stay until they are ready to become warriors.Warriors can come in here to see apprentices.It is a Bush woven with sticks for protection from weather.

Warriors denEdit

A hollowed out rock where the warriors sleep.Senior warriors sleep in the middle new warriors sleep on the edges.Elders and leaders are allowed in here.

medicine cat's denEdit

A very thick/big Bush.Medicine cats and Medicine cat apprentices sleep here along with injured cats.It is usually dark in here.It contains many herbs.

Elders denEdit

The elders den is where retired cats sleep.It is a hollowed out log.Kits come here for stories and warriors come here for advice.

leaders denEdit

The leaders den is where the leader of the clan sleeps.On top of it is a flat space where the leader can call clan meetings.Deputies and senior warrior are allowed here.It is a huge hollowed out rock.